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My Pulse My College Contest win a holiday Tickets To Goa From Classmate

Written By abhishek Kammakki on | 9/24/2015 09:28:00 pm

the contest is presented by Classmate

chance to win a holiday in Goa with your friends! Last few days to share why you love your college and win.

Follow the below steps to take part in My Pulse My College!

1. Buy a Classmate Pulse Notebook. Each book is worth 50 points.

2. Collect your scratch card and use it to get your unique code.

3. Register here and fill in the code.

4. Upload a photo and tell us why your college is the best with a caption.

5. Submit your photo and share it among your friends. Remember, every vote scores a point!
Participant Points:
1 Notebook = 50 Points
1 Vote = 1 Point

For example, If you have 5 notebooks & each entry has 10 votes each, your total score will be
(50 X 5) + (10 X 5) = 300 Points
College Points:
At the college level, the total number of points will be calculated by adding up all the points of each student of that particular college.

For example, College ABC has 3 students X, Y, and Z. If X has 400 points, Y has 350 points and Z has 200 points, then your college’s total score will be
400 + 350 + 200 = 950 Points

For detailed instructions, information and terms and conditions, click here.

participate here

the contest is shared by abhi on our facebook contest sharing tab too can share contest visit here

general instruction :
1.In order to participate in any of the(Facebook) contest you must be a fan of that page so like the page before you participate
2.participation is completely free .if any cost is there we will clearly mention .
3.the contest is limited only to India .in some case where the contest is limited to certain cities we will mention .
4.the contest is not sponsored by contest mantra
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